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Rural Tourism can Revitalise the Countryside

May 25, 2015

In most of Europe, summer has set in, and many families are preparing for their annual holidays. Today, in times of stress, hectic pace, lack of time for ourselves and yearning for quality-life activities, rural tourism represents an excellent opportunity to escape  the stressful everyday life in our cities and provides the possibility of spending […]

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Östergötland – prepared to meet the global hyper competition

January 13, 2015

Bearing has since 2009, in many different projects and roles, been involved in local and regional development projects in the Swedish county of Östergötland. The last 2-3 years our focus has been on supporting the region with expertise and methodology in development and implementation of an enhanced quad-helix based innovation environment and definition and implementation […]

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Talent Attraction – The global search for talents

November 8, 2012

A new study has been published on what Sweden is doing to attract talents in reality, which will be presented at this year’s Competence Fair (Kompetensmässan) in Stockholm on November 14th .100 Swedish municipalities have been interviewed about what is actually being done not only to attract talents but also to establish a long term […]

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To do Business with the Swedes

November 6, 2012

‘ Up North So you have arrived in Sweden. You look around to get your first glimpse of the Swedes in their natural environment. The first surprise is that they actually do not look that much alike – even if they seem to all dress at H&M – and that they are not all as […]

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