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February 2016

The Explosion of Globalisation

February 26, 2016

Conventional wisdom says that globalisation has stalled. Measured by trade statistics, the flows of goods and money to pay for goods are slowing down and even reversing. The Financial Times wrote today, that the value of goods and services which crossed international borders last year fell by 13,8%, in the first contraction since 2009. Much […]

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The Global Economy since 1980 in 20 seconds

February 25, 2016

Many of my friends were born around 1980. It was the same year I entered high school and also the same year I travelled around in Europe for the first time, the brave teenager I was. Back then I had to show my passport at all borders and I got proper passport stamps. The world […]

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The State of the Financial Industry in 2016

February 17, 2016

At present, in February 2016, financial markets the world over are increasingly chaotic. They are either retreating or plunging. The view of many observers is that there is a new gigantic market crash in the not too far future, one that has possibly started now. The main reason for expecting a market crash is simple: […]

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Brand Canada – A New Path

February 16, 2016

Canada has been engulfed by a whirl of publicity over the last few months as its Liberal party swept the boards in the national elections. The new leader, Justin Trudeau, is young and dynamic, the polar opposite of his predecessor Harper. Trudeau has already made some bold statements. Just 24 hours after winning the elections, […]

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