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July 2014

Apple-IBM Alliance Is Already Threatened By Start-ups

July 31, 2014

There is a good deal of hubris in the way IBM has been talking about its new relationship with Apple. The alliance will no doubt warrant a mention in today’s Apple earnings call, which is expected to show strong results for the device to services giant. But this partnership looks vulnerable from the start. In […]

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Film under the Stars in Pula

July 30, 2014

The Film festival phenomena has its roots in the post-World War II era when European place managers pushed for development of cultural events to push for local development and also to counteract the geopolitical situation. Many of them have become annually recurring events. Over time, film festivals developed into an important tool for place branding, […]

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The Global Innovation Index 2014

July 29, 2014

The Global Innovation Index (GII) is an annual publication which features, among others, a composite indicator that ranks countries/economies in terms of their enabling environment to innovation and their innovation outputs. The 2014 report has been published this month, and this year the theme of he report is “The Human Factor in Innovation”. Click on […]

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McDonalds Innovations and the Big Mac Index

July 28, 2014

The Experience Travelling with a child, you inevitably visit a number of McDonalds restaurants. Nowadays they tend to be laborious establishments with interactive ordering displays, playground areas, several seating sections and free Wi-Fi. Many of them now mimic the Starbucks model and encourage people to stay and work during off-peak hours, maybe ordering coffees and […]

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Why Music Is The Next Big Battle For The Tech Titans

July 27, 2014

Brendan O’Driscoll runs Soundwave, a small start-up out of Dublin, Ireland, and while Ireland has had its share of attention as a hotbed of tech start-ups, today the hot start-up is getting hugely more attention than in the past. Soundwave, a finalist in the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Awards, one of the few companies […]

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What makes the US economy more resilient than Europe’s?

July 25, 2014

The global financial crisis that erupted in full force in 2008 affected both Europe and the United States in a very similar way. At least in the beginning. On both sides of the Atlantic, economic performance fell drastically in 2009 and started to recover in 2010. But, as the financial crisis mutated into the euro […]

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Trend Alert: Man-Made Travel Destinations

July 24, 2014

Some travel destinations are simply “born with” assets such as beautiful beaches, breath-taking landscapes and rich cultural heritage, making them established and overcrowded. Throughout history these places didn’t really have to fight for attention or fight competition. In recent years, however, fuelled by innovations caused by digitalization and the Internet, a new kind of travel […]

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EU legal fundaments all member states need to adopt before end of 2014

July 23, 2014

On July 14th, the European Commission released an update on the adoption of Partnership Agreements and Operational Programmes. EU member states with PAs approved by the EC on June 20th include Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Cyprus, and Slovakia. Up until now, the EC has approved 9 out of 28 PAs. The ones that have already been […]

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Lithuania adopts the Euro in January 2015

July 22, 2014

The European Union is recovering from a profound economic and financial crisis which at its worst moments raised questions over the future viability of the euro, the most ambitious project in the process of European integration. The Greek government’s announcement in late 2009 that the country’s public finances were in far worse shape than anyone […]

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SWIFT African Regional Conference 2014

July 21, 2014

SWIFT, The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, provides a network that enables financial institutions worldwide to send and receive financial transactions in a secure, standardized and reliable environment. Established in 1973 and being a member owned cooperative, SWIFT has become the industry standard for financial messages between many thousands of banks. SWIFT organises the […]

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Digital Innovation for Regional Growth

July 19, 2014

It is strongly believed that digital innovation for regional growth is able to radically improve people’s lives as well as help stimulate growth throughout Europe. During a high level event, which took place on the 29th of April in Thessaloniki (Greece), there were discussed ways of increasing digital innovation in different European regions and also […]

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Hotel Promotion in the Digital Age

July 19, 2014

Spending the weekend on a road trip through Europe, I am observing this European summer tourist flows (not surprisingly, more visitors from Asia) and new tourism promotion trends. What has most caught my attention in the past two days is the polarisation of hotel promotion between the big chains and the smaller ones who are […]

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Smart Travel

July 18, 2014

Today the tourism industry contributes more than 9% to the world’s GDP and one out of every 11 jobs, and it is growing faster than other segments of the global economy. The 21st-century traveller has high expectations when it comes to efficiency and a low tolerance for barriers to global mobility. Unfortunately, travel infrastructure and […]

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John Chambers on where Cisco is going

July 17, 2014

In the video below from a Fortune event, John Chambers, CEO of Cisco and one of the worlds most dynamic corporate leaders, discuss how one of the worlds foremost innovation powerhouses will be changing in the upcoming years. Where Cisco is going

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Hans Vestberg on innovation labs and the future of mobile data speeds

July 16, 2014

Below is an interesting video from Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference this week, where Hans Vestberg, CEO of Ericsson, a Swedish multinational provider of communications technology and services, talks about the company’s experiments with innovation labs and the future of mobile data speeds. Hans Vestberg–Getting the Next Billion People Connected

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Microsoft and culture change

July 15, 2014

A culture that allows for innovation is a key to change and adapt to hyper competitive markets. This goes both for traditional manufacturing companies as for the high tech giants. In the video below, Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, discusses with Walter Isaacson major changes the tech giant needs to take in order to lead in […]

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5 Innovations of World Cup 2014

July 14, 2014

Now when the FIFA World Cup 2014 is over it is the time to recall the five most innovative football inventions first introduced this summer: the new ball, goal line technology, vanishing foam, super-high-definition TV format and kashirola. 1. Polyurethane Brazuka Ball The ball is the main protagonist of any football game. The history of […]

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Simon Anholt on Which Country Does the Most Good for the World

July 12, 2014

It is an unexpected side effect of globalization that problems that once would have stayed local, for example a bank lending out too much money, now have consequences worldwide. But still, countries operate independently, as if alone on the planet. The new Good Country Index, launched by Policy advisor Simon Anholt, introduced an unusual scale […]

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The Digital Visitor

July 11, 2014

Bearing has today delivered a pre-feasibility report to the East Sweden region, titled “The Digtal Visitor”. The purpose of the study has been to describe the initial findings for development of an integrated project based on the concept of the “Digitial Visitor” to the Östergötland region of Sweden, documenting the experiences and emotions driven by […]

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The Future Business Platform – You

July 10, 2014

The San Jose Mercury ran a story last week to say Google + was failing to challenge Facebook in any significant way. This weekend we  saw Facebook become embroiled in a pubic furore over how it occasionally experiments with user-emotions.  Trouble at the data mill! Meanwhile Amazon launched a new phone, primed to help us […]

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