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February 2014

About Time

February 28, 2014

The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time. – Abraham Lincoln A few weeks ago, I watched the new movie About Time by Richard Curtis. The film revolves around time travel where a young man tries to change his past to have a better future. It was an […]

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The Future of Our Cities – Green or Brown

February 27, 2014

Do we want to live in green or brown cities in the future? Do we want smaller communities and living space close to nature or do we want dense urban environments? This is a very relevant question for todays place managers. We in Bearing have recently been in a discussion about the potential to retrofit […]

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How Start-up Valuation Works

February 26, 2014

Last week Facebook bought WhatsApp for $16 billion in cash and stock. WhatsApp Inc. was incorporated in California in the summer 2009, which makes the company less than  five years old. It has hardly left the start-up phase. The transaction is the largest purchase of a company backed by venture capitalists ever and the deal […]

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Blue Ocean Strategy

February 21, 2014

Different from most traditional consultancy organisations we in Bearing deliver our services as individually developed solutions addressing a specific market segment, problem, or a strategic or operational area. Each business solution is developed from the basis of combined expertise, experience and knowledge represented by the group of consultants forming the core of each business vertical. […]

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Why I could never work for Lego

February 20, 2014

Like so many people, I’ve loved playing with Lego ever since I was young. Even today I still love opening the colourful box, tipping out the bags of brightly coloured pieces and then following the instructions wondering how this new Lego creation will come together. Lego’s greatest business turnaround from near bankruptcy to market leader […]

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Breakthrough innovation in instant messaging – Facebook buys WhatsApp

February 19, 2014

So, tonight it was announced that Facebook buys the messaging service WhatsApp. The purchase price is an incredible $16 billion in cash and stock. What can possibly motivate such a high price? There are two reasons. One is that WhatsApp can be a ticket for Facebook to gain a stronger foothold in emerging markets, where […]

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Innovation in Aviation – Screens instead of Windows

February 19, 2014

Imagine take off from an airport. You watch the runway through the window and then as you lift off, you see objects on the surface becoming smaller as the altitude increases. On cloud free days you can see towns and cities and beautiful sceneries, but you observe this through a tiny window with a clear […]

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Seven New Innovative Products from Africa

February 17, 2014

In Africa an educated middle class is rising, brimming with a new generation of bold, creative-thinking innovators and entrepreneurs who are constantly inventing and developing new solutions. This week there is an article in Forbes Magazine about seven innovative products we should know about. The seven innovations are (1) a breakthrough navigational aid tool for […]

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The Art of Networking

February 16, 2014

Effective business networking is the linking together of individuals who, through trust and relationship building, become walking ambassadors and advertisements for one another. Networking is commonly defined as the exchange of ideas and information for the benefit of either or both parties where networks are individuals talking to each other, sharing ideas, information and resources. […]

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Great Inventions – The Internet

February 15, 2014

For the first time in history people and machinery working together on realizing a dream, a uniting force that knows no geographical boundaries. – Warriors of the Net narration This morning, my ten year old son Raphael asked me why he could not print a drawing of a dinosaur from his computer to the home […]

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Institutional Investors Congress 2014 in London

February 11, 2014

On Monday and Tuesday of this week I attended the Institutional Investors Congress in London. I was invited to speak on a panel discussion of how development in emerging markets affects the future of the European economy. This congress is one of its kind. It brings  together industry professionals from across the global arena for […]

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The Art of Listening

February 9, 2014

“I like to listen. I have learned a great deal from listening carefully. Most people never listen” – Ernest Hemmingway Entrepreneurs, business leaders and managers often tend to be good at speaking, telling their stories and being able to inspire others. But yet, being a good listener is equally, if not more, important than the […]

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Global Smartphone Shipments

February 6, 2014

One measurement of globalisation is the development and distribution of smartphones. For many people in the worlds emerging economies, the smartphone is their internet terminal, which opens up the world for them to use and develop apps. The Economist published the video below this week, showing how smartphone market shares have changed over the past […]

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European Innovation Leaders and Followers

February 3, 2014

Innovation performance of European regions Europe’s future lies in its power to innovate. Fully aware of the fact that innovation is central to economic growth and business competitiveness, the EU has placed it at the heart of its Europe 2020 strategy. In order to provide an annual comparative assessment of innovation performance of EU Member […]

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The power of productive mornings

February 1, 2014

Trick yourself to become an early bird Successful business owners, hard workers and entrepreneurs know that time is a valuable commodity, and when managing a business it may seem like there are never enough hours in the day. Embracing the power of mornings, a time of day when there are less demands, could however be […]

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