Virgin Disruptors – Have entrepreneurs lost the will to innovate?

by Petia Dimitrova on May 18, 2014

red lightbulbMany businesses today are active in hyper competitive markets, with a pressure to innovate to survive. Incremental innovation is a necessity. Disruptive innovation is what makes markets move. But what is the state and understanding of innovation among business leaders?

On Friday, May 9th, Richard Branson and a group of entrepreneurs had an interesting debate on this topic, moderated by the Apple alumni Guy Kawasaki the panellists included Richard Branson, Tony Fadell (Nest), Megan Smith (Google[X]) and Leila Janah (Samasource). Below is the video, which is about 90 minutes long.

Virgin Disruptors May 9th 2014

About Petia Dimitrova :

Petia Dimitrova works with project coordination in Bearing. She is originally from Varna in Bulgaria where she was involved in real estate development and also in the race car sports industry. After seven years in the United States she is now back in Europe.

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