Innovation management breakfast in Nässjö

by Leyla Is on December 6, 2012

Nässjö TräcentrumOn December 5, Bearing arranged a breakfast seminar on hyper competition, innovation and innovation management at Träcentrum in Nässjö.

The seminar was well-attended by participants from the entire region, despite the winter snow storms and early morning hour.

Many participants stayed for two hours to discuss the topics of the presentation. We can also notice the success by several comments and phone calls we got afterwards, and we have had several requests to arrange follow up workshops on hyper competition and innovation.

Please find below the presentation from the event.

About Leyla Is :

Leyla is a business consultant and trainer specializing in Innovation through Lean, customer relationship management(CRM) and material planning systems(MPS). She has a vast experience in the international logistics, trade and manufacturing industries.

The benefit of having experience from different industries is that it provides a mindset which looks at assignments and projects from a cross-functional, comprehensive perspective. Leyla Is looks one step further, knows how a decision in one unit can affect the next one in the company’s value flow, but also which impact it will have on the entire business value flow, and she is able to convey all there is to know about how to think of and see long-term effects.

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